Tennessee Tech University - Krasnoyarsk State University Exchange


Dear friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee ! We are pleased to report a connection between our Universities based on contacts with our visit to Tennessee Tec during our Oak Ridge visit this year From 4 to 11 November, we held a conference:  "PROBLEMS OF SOCIALIZATION AND EDUCATION OF PERSONS WITH SEVERE INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES". Guests from Tennessee Technological University ( TTU ) and the University Minnessota visited Krasnoyarsk . 5 guests lived with Krasnoyarsk families ( as we have durng ur visit to Oak Ridge).We held lectures for teachers of the city of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This was a significant event ! This was made possible thanks to your hospitality. It is by SCSO contacts that we were introduced to the teachers at TTU . Thank you all !

Betsy - waiting for you to visit. I attach photos of our guests - Americans and our teachers together in Krasnoyarsk. Anastasia